Maximize the impact of your new website by building it on our secure, search engine friendly platform.  We also offer basic SEO services to ensure your custom website is quickly indexed.

SEO Strategy & Keyword Analysis

Search engine marketing starts with analyzing targeted keyword phrases and what your competition is up to.  By researching searches made by your target market, we can generate a list of keyword phrases for your organization.

SEO Page Optimization: Keyword Density, Frequency, & Proximity

After you provide the text we can review keyword usage based on our analysis, and optimize keyword placement throughout your website.  We can work with you to produce text that search engine spiders and your visitors will love.

Keyword Prominence: Page Titles, Meta Tags, and Hierarchy

Once an SEO strategy is in place we'll help you place keywords strategically in the important areas of your website to ensure search engine spiders can find you.  We'll be sure to create your website in a way that will allow us to leverage hierarchy on a page to prioritize keywords.

SEO Programming Compliance & Sitemap

We'll take care of the details in website development to ensure that the way we generate code for your website is SEO friendly.  Once we finalize the launch of your website we'll make sure our integrated sitemap feature updates search engines on the structure and links of your website.

Website Submission to Search Engines & Webmaster Tools

Once your website is ready, we'll submit it to the dominant search engines: Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and hundreds of others.