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Manage Pages w/ InContext Editing

Say hello to the most user-friendly, robust content management system (CMS).  Gain complete access to your content and confidently edit text, photos, video, navigation, ads, events, and other features as you see it in your browser with InContext Editing™.

Creative FreedomCreative Freedom with No Limits

Our platform doesn't limit the custom work we can do.  Point to any of your competitors websites or the best ideas you want to incorporate and we'll help create your vision on our powerfully integrated platform using all the common website developer languages.


Save Time with Templates, Pages, and ModulesMake Changes Anytime, Anyplace

As long as you have Internet access on your smart phone, notebook, tablet, desktop, etc. you have the ability to edit your website 24-7 throughout the world.  You can also set your pages up with a future date to be published or an expiry date.

Fool Proof Editing for Your ClientsEdit in LIVE Browser View with InContext Editing™

Pivo's CMS tools allow you to edit the website in a LIVE browser view.  Rather than use a classic WYSIWYG editor, InContext Editing™ gives you access to make changes while you navigate through the website with a point and click approach as you see it.  After checking a preview and saving: your changes go live instantly.

SEO & BC - We're More Than Just FriendsSEO & Pivo - We're More Than Just Friends

Search Engine Optimization is critical for any online business, but good SEO starts with a foundational system that supports good SEO practices.  You can choose which pages you wanted excluded from search or completely optimize a page. With Pivo, we've got the right features "baked in" - 301 redirects; SEO friendly URLs, shopping cart SEO, modules, automated site maps, page titles, and customizable meta-tags integration with Google's webmaster tools... it's all there.

Works With Familiar Tools in Familiar WaysWorks With Familiar Web Designer Tools

For those savvy w/ HTML: you'll have additional benefits.  Pivo supports FTP to download and upload to web pages, images, JavaScript, CSS, Flash and more.  As partners with Adobe, we gain special integration features with Dreamweaver that enables you to create and develop custom work while seamlessly integrating our powerful platform.

Get Social with Blogs, Comments, Forums & RSSSocial Media Integration

Successful websites are easy to update and easy to engage with. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social platforms can easily be integrated with your content marketing strategy.  Simply add plug-ins for social platforms, embed video, add affiliate links to integrate a variety of features with your website.

Content HoldersAdd Unlimited Pages / Landing Pages

As you login to edit the pages of your site, you'll have the ability to replicate unlimited pages free (within the allotted disk space).  Rather than contact us to execute new marketing strategies, setup temporary landing pages, or expire pages - you'll have full access.

Secure Zones and Paid MembershipsSecure Zones and Paid Memberships

Pivo's secure zone modules and our recurring billing technology, allow you to build a secure areas of your site for certain visitors to protect sensitive content or leverage recurring revenue streams with secure SSL payment.