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Contact Database (CRM)

Customers are the priority and so is lead generation.  Pivo provides an integrated contact management system (CRM) that conveniently puts customer activity, alerts, history, notes, and sales progression at your fingertips.  Automate lead generation by establishing notifications, workflows, and registration forms that create opportunities in your inbox.  Then, sit back and relax.

Web Form Builder: Drag & Drop it Like It's HotWeb Form Builder: Drag & Drop it Like It's Hot

From basic "Contact Us" forms to surveys, donations, registrations - Web Forms are a commonly used aspect of almost every online business. Pivo's drag and drop web form builder is easy to use, powerful, and fully customizable.

  1. Choose your system fields. When filled out, these fields are seamlessly captured into Pivo's integrated CRM system against the customer's record.
  2. Define custom fields. Every business is different, and web forms are no different. Custom fields are captured as part of a "Case" in the CRM for reporting.
  3. Collect payments, subscriptions and more. Collect payments for services or donations, subscribe customers to email marketing lists, and give them access to secure zones.

Create Cases & OpportunitiesCreate Cases & Opportunities

Web forms can be configured to create cases in the CRM to help manage inquiries, and to create "Sales Opportunities" to help you manage your sales pipeline progression.

A Live Feed of Customers' ActionsA Live Feed of Customers' Actions

Pivo gives you a central view of your customer's activities. From Online Store orders to blog comments, forum posts to contact forms, member activity to email marketing, it's all tracked and listed to give a complete view of your customer's behavior.

Centrally Manage Cases, Orders and MoreCentrally Manage Cases, Orders and More

Pivo provides a centralized place for you to manage all your customer related activity. Managing customer contact details, past web form submissions, E-commerce orders, secure zone subscriptions, email subscriptions and more is all done from the Pivo application - simplifying workflows and saving time.

Effortlessly Capture LeadsEffortlessly Capture Leads

Every customer action - from web forms to online orders, forum posts to blog comments - is automatically captured in your CRM against a central customer record, based on the email address. This helps you keep a central record of all businesses customers, and makes sure that none of those leads are lost in the bottom of an inbox.

Impress Customers With WorkflowsIncrease Lead  & Customer Response Time with Workflows

Automate business processes to help remind yourself to get back to your customers faster! Build multi-step workflows to notify you of new web form submissions or orders, then verify steps as they are completed, or remind and escalate to management if need be.

Lead Scoring Customer Scoring

Lead & Customer Scoring Based on Activity

Filter the highest value leads and customers by identifying a percentage based on the activities performed.  You'll know who's who within your database and where to spend your time and energy delivering the right message to the right segment of your database.

Quickly Drill Down and Extract DataQuickly Drill Down and Extract Data

Use our flexible report generator to create customer reports based on various criteria, such as cases submitted, options selected on a particular web form, or amount spent in your online store. For example, our Customer Report Builder could easily extract all customers who spent over $100 in the Online Store for an email marketing promotion.