Website Standard featureS list

Still browsing our system features?  Rest assured we have everything most websites need in our all-in-one solution.  Please browse our full feature list and capabilities below for more information.

Content ManagementContent Management

Easy navigation with Dynamic Menus

  • Add/edit/delete menu items without touching the HTML or CSS code
  • Apply your own CSS/HTML styling to menus and insert them on any page

Manage Meta Data

  • Built-in meta data framework
  • Create your own meta data tags and easily add them to any web page

Manage Your Website & Web Pages

  • Use a Microsoft Word like WYSIWYG editor to edit web pages
  • Use Module Manager to add business functionality without any programming
  • Make web pages secure
  • Archiving & Rollback for every web page and template
  • Automatically creates a working copy of web page until you publish
  • Apply content approval rules to any web page or template
  • Use templates to create a consistent look and feel
  • Use FTP to upload and download web pages
  • Work directly inside Dreamweaver using our plugin Triangle

InContext Editing - Fool Proof Editing

  • Edit pages the way you see them
  • See your changes occur in real-time
  • Make edits on the fly, without touching your design

Website Reporting

  • Comprehensive reporting without having to add a single line of code to your web pages
  • Geo-location reporting. See a map of the world.
  • Detailed visitors reporting including new vs returning, location, IP address, Spy Lens and more
  • Detailed reporting on every type of content
  • Search engine reporting, e.g. search phrases, when your site has been indexed and more
  • Sophisticated customer reporting framework.
  • Filter on any system or custom field
  • Save any report and run later
  • Export any report to Microsoft Excel for further analysis

Reporting & AnalyticsReporting & Analytics

Generate Reports

  • Filter based on any system field or custom field
  • Save any report for future use
  • Export report data to Excel, CSV or PDF format for further analysis

Reporting Dashboard

  • Tightly integrated reporting framework, capturing every customer interaction with your site
  • View a summary of website traffic from your reporting dashboard
  • Browse detailed metrics and analytics based on path, geographic location, browser type, search engine referrals

Other FeaturesOther Features


  • Web-based Admin
  • FTP
  • Import / Export options
  • Work directly inside Dreamweaver using our plugin Triangle
  • Extensive Web Services framework

Administrative Tools

  • Easily add and manage Users and Roles
  • Customize granular permission levels for a role
  • Create your corporate taxonomy and assign content to various categories for easier publishing

Integrated SEO

  • Integrates with Google/Yahoo/Live sitemap. A daily feed of all content within website is produced for maximum exposure in the search engines

Multilingual Administration Interface

Available In:
  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Swedish

POP3 Email

  • POP3 email. Use with Outlook, Thunderbird or any other popular email program
  • Web mail interface
  • Unlimited Aliases for each mailbox
  • Catch-all address
  • Out of Office Auto Responder
  • Mail Forwarding

Drag & Drop Web Form Builder

  • Build customer inquiry web forms without any programming
  • Add any number of custom fields to your web form to suit your business
  • Report on web form submissions including custom fields and easily export to Microsoft Excel
  • Add Image Verification to web forms to stop spam submissions by bots
  • Easily add web form to any web page hosted at GB or elsewhere
  • Customize the landing page customers see after submitting an inquiry
  • Customize auto responder email sent to customers after they make an inquiry